Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is NACPHIL Chaplaincy?

NACPHIL specifies its chaplaincy ministry by implementing the Values Formation and Moral Recovery Program of the Philippine government, by rendering  pastoral care and assistance especially to the depressed and oppressed, by fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ, by sharing and teaching God's Word, and living by a model life for godly Filipino society with good governance.

NACPHIL focuses its chaplaincy program by training religious leaders from different religious groups and affiliations, and denominations in order to produce qualified and competent Chaplains or Values Formation Officers (VFO).  And then deploy them in their respective areas of assignments, and administer and supervise them in order to secure their effectiveness in service.

NACPHIL requires every chaplain/VFO to further undergo continous education by attending the prescribed Training Courses, Enhancement Seminars, and Spiritual Formation Retreats in order to maintain and maximize their effectiveness in their respective field of assignments.

Primarily, NACPHIL commissions and deploys Chaplains/VFO in every Barangays, Municipalities/Cities, Provinces, Regions, and other Local Government units, departments, offices, agencies, and government-owned and controlled corporations nationwide.  If NACPHIL attains more trained and qualified chaplains, the deployment will be extended to other private institutions, organizations, schools and universities, business establishments and corporations, and many more.

In this connection, DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo issued a Memorandum Circular No. 2011-58 dated April 25, 2011, addressed and directed all Provincial Governors, City and Municipal Mayors, Punong Barangays, DILG Regional Directors, and others concerned to support NACPHIL programs and seminars on Moral Recovery and Values Formation nationwide.

With intense prayer NACPHIL family dreams that someday Moral Recovery and Values Formation (or Chaplaincy) will become one of the Local Government offices/agencies.  To fulfill this dream, someone in the Congress or Senate should respond to the challenge, and take the iniative to sponsor a Bill for the issuance of Republic Act.  As of this time, as we wait for the fulfillment of the dream, the Sanggunian and the Local Government Chief Executives, with the endorsement of the DILG Director, can respond to the challenge to submit a Resolution, and create an Ordinance to make Values Formation/Chaplaincy an organic.

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