Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Birth of NACPHIL

NACPHIL is an acronym of National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines.  It is formerly National Auxiliary Chaplains, Inc. or NAC.  It is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that engaged in chaplaincy ministry, and involved in pursuing the Values Formation and Moral Recovery Program of the Philippine government.  Its duly registered full name in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines is National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines, Inc. (NACPHIL), with SEC Reg. No. CN2002900572.  And it is a non-sectarian, or an interfaith, or inter-religious, or interdenominational organization.  It is not a denominational-based or a church-based organization.

The birth of NACPHIL, as an organization, is formed out from the vision that God has shown to retired PNP Captain Arturo A. San Juan.  He received the vision from God when he had his prayer and fasting in Sagada Prayer Mountain in 1998 while he was still active in service.  In 2003, the Lord opens the opportunity for him to work with PNP-Values Formation Foundation.  After seeing men and women in uniform being transformed by God after hearing God's Word, the Lord impressed upon his heart the importance and necessity of transforming the people in Barangay as well as the Local Government executives, officials and employees with the Word of God as a critical key to nation building.  The vision showed him that this could be realized by posting Chaplains/Values Formation Officers (VFO) in the Sanggunian (Council) of the Barangay, Municipal, City, Province, and other Local Government units, departments, offices, agencies, and government-owned and controlled corporations.

Since its birth, NACPHIL aims to pursue its mission to promote nation-building with good governance by producing righteous leadership through the deployment of chaplains/Values Formation Officers among local government units that will unite all the proponents of the mandate on working together in order to attain its vision to have  a godly Filipino society with good governance.  Since then NACPHIL humbly started its journey.  Through Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with, or an Accredition, or a Resolution, or an Ordinance issued from the Local Government Executives, the Chaplains/VFO are officially installed in the Barangay, Municipal, City and Provincial government offices.  Through the partnership of the Local Government Executives, we have done this initiative in Nabua, Camarines Sur, Montalban, Rizal, Palawan, in Cebu, Region 6, and in Mindanao particularly Region 10 and 11.  the initiative was further strengthened  when NACPHIL entered into MOA with DILG, authorizing NACPHIL as the NGO to conduct values formation, good governance, good citizenship programs in provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays nationwide.

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