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National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines (NACPHIL) Nationwide Program

"A Program for Good Governance"

- to promote nation-building with good governance by producing righteous leadership through the deployment of Chaplains among local government units that will unite all the proponents of the mandate on values formation and moral recovery under the spirit of cooperation and working together.

What is NACPHIL?
The National Auxiliary Chaplaincy Philippines, Inc. (NACPHIL) is a non-goverment organization with SEC registration no. CN200900572 formed out of the impressed burden and vision by the Lord upon the heart of a retired Police Captain, Bishop, Dr. Arturo A. San Juan.

This is a self-supporting program that conducts seminars and training for chaplaincy among religious and goverment leaders engaged in moral recovery and values formation program: thereby commissions and deploys these chaplains to every region, province, city, municipality and barangay nationwide.

The Vision
"A Godly Filipino Society with Good Governance"

The Mission
"To promote nation-building with good governance by producing righteous leadership through the deployment of chaplains among local government units that will unite all the proponents of the mandate on values formation and moral recovery under the spirit of cooperation and working together."

The Mandate
The program is supported and authorized by and under:
1.  Presidential Proclamation No. 62 under President Fidel V. Ramos, otherwise known as the Moral Recovery Program of 1992.

2.  Presidential Proclamation 828 dated April 14, 2005, Declaring 2005-2015 as the Decade of Good Governance and Good Citizenship to Fight Corruption and to Eradicate Poverty.

3.   Executive Order 347 of July 11, 2004 amending E.O. 314 of April 30, 2004, otherwise known as the Presidential Council on Values Formation (PCVF) with the purpose of eradicating the culture of graft and corruption, patronage politics, apathy, passivity, mendicancy, factionalism, and lack of patriotism and to be replaced by the love of country, honest public service, integrity, honesty, and good work ethics.

4.   Executive Order No. 713 of March 12, 2008 - "Strengthening the Authority of the Presidential Council on Values Formation Towards Effective Pursuit of a Just and Moral Philippine Society.  Ammending Executive Orders 314 and 347, and for other Puposes".

5.   Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 as God's mandate to Disciple the Whole Nation.

1.  To be the duly organized body with the authority, mandate and recognition of the duly constituted authorities to recruit, train, commission, and deploy chaplains/values formation officers to every barangay nationwide;

2.   To promote nation building with good governance by encouraging every citizen of the barangay, to uphold the rule of law, ordinances and regulations in their locality and to impress upon them the spirit of love of country, honesty, and integrity;

3.   To organize and unite personalities and leaders engaged in and implementing moral recovery and values formation programs at the local and national level in order to effectively carry out the intent of the program, as an accredited arma or agent of PCVF;

4.   To conduct leadership training and development program at the barangay level in order to improve and upgrade the socio-economic-political conditions and potentials of the local community; and

5.   To initiate and facilitate barangays and people's organizations in coordination with local government units in pursuing civic, economic and political activities that will result to a harmonious, strong and solid barangay as a building block for nation building.

The Board of Directors

Bishop Arturo A. San Juan
Chairman & Director General/BOT

Chaplain Cesar M. Ramirez
President & Administrator/BOT

Ptr. Estarlina Pol-Umpa
Secretary General/BOT

Ptr. Corazon L. Vito

Bishop Manuel L. Valeroso

Ptr. Antonio B. Bagundol
Education & Training Director/BOT

Ptr. Gloria A. Dela Cruz
Resource Generation Director/BOT

Bishop Maximo I. Gayta
Pastoral Care/Commissioning & Ordination Director

Training Directors

Rev. Ellie P. Formilleza
Training Director for Luzon

Rev. John P. Albana
Training Director for Visayas

Rev. Dr. Ernesto T. Paracha
Training Director for Mindanao

Dr. Rodolfo B. Alcazar
National Training Consultant

CORE Group Members

Bishop Art A. San Juan
Chaplain Cesar M. Ramirez
Ptr. Estarlina Pol-Umpa
Ptr. Corazon L. Vito
Bishop Manuel L. Valeroso
Ptr. Antonio B. Bagundol
Ptr. Gloria A. Dela Cruz
Bishop Maximo I. Gayta
Rev. Dr. Orlando Wijangco
Ptr. Purita Wijangco
Ptr. Esther R. Andres
Ptr. Alberto M. Avelino

Regional Directors

National Capital Region (NCR)                              Bishop Manuel L. Valeroso
Region 1                                                                Dr. Rodel Carranza
Region 2                                                                Rev. Fernando O. Gattoc
Region 3                                                                Dr. Juan R. Rayoto
Region 4A                                                             Rev. Rovell A. Solleza
Region 4B                                                             Rev. Luisito S. Pangtalunan
Region 5                                                                Bishop Roger A. Buencaflor
Region 6                                                                Pastor Vargas
Region 7                                                                Ptr. Warlito S. Ocon
Region 8                                                                Bishop Venancio B. Padriguez
Region 9                                                                Rev. Ricardo H. Obida
Region 10                                                              Ptr. Fortunato G. Openia
Region 11                                                              Ptr. Bebot Diao
Region 12                                                              Rev. Joselito C. Remedios
Region 13                                                              Ptr. Rey L. Sanico
Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)                 Ptr. Oscar C. Joaquin
ARMM Rev. Dr. Ernesto T. Paracha

Regional Directors are authorized to appoint Chaplains at the Provincial, City, Municipal, down to the barangay level to imlement the NAC Program.

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1 comment:

  1. Metro Naga Bible Community
    J. Miranda St., Naga City

    Sept. 28, 2011

    Greetings in the matchless Name of Jesus!

    I am Rev. Steven Guianan, pastor of Metro Naga Bible Community, located here in Naga City and affiliated with the Baptist Conference of the Phils. Inc. I was approached by Ptr. Roger Buenaflor and said that he is the Regional Director of NACPHIL here in Bicol. He's a friend of mine and showed me a xeroxed copy of the Regional Memorandum Circular No. 2011-21 signed by Blandino Maceda, CESO III of DILG Region V regarding the orientation on Moral Recovery and Values Transformation & Barangay Chaplaincy. I would like to inquire if NACPHIL, Inc. here in Bicol is already organized as represented by Ptr. Roger Buenaflor. I agreed to hold an orientation here in our church after my talk with Ptr. Roger. Since I am the present Chairman of Metro Naga Association of Christian Ministers, Inc. (Metro Naga ACM, Inc.) I invited our pastors to come and attend an orientation tomorrow, September 29, 2011, 1pm.
    May I ask if you please explain further on the NACPHIL's advocacy, vision, mission, etc. and who are the officers here in Naga City.
    Thank you and God bless!


    Rev. Steven Guianan
    Metro Naga Association of Christian Ministers, Inc.