Thursday, July 21, 2011

NACPHIL Joint One-Day Orientation Seminar in Laguna - July 15, 2011

Courtesy Call Before the Event
It was July 8, 2011 the appointed NACPHIL Laguna Chaplains/VFO made a visit to Laguna Provincial's DILG office for a courtesy call. It wasn't that fruitful since the NACPHIL Provincial Director who lead the group were disappointed for not obtaining favor and support from the DILG officer-in-charge that day instead experienced an impression that wasn’t pleasant. Rev. Rovell Solleza remained humble without complains to leave the place being determined to pursue the divine mandate... fulfill the mission and vision of NACPHIL that entered Memorandum of Agreement with the DILG as the NGO to conduct values formation, good governance, good citizenship programs in provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays nationwide memorandum circular.

We proceed to the governor's office and the staff warmly received the group seeking time to talk to the Honorable Gov. E.R. Ejercito with regards to the coming event to invite him to come for the coming event and asked his approval as well for us to use the Cultural Center of Laguna for "The Joint One-Day Orientation Seminar on NACPHIL Barangay Chaplaincy and Moral Recovery and Values Formation for Pastors/Ministers/Religious Leaders to be posted as Provincial, City, and Municipal Chaplains/Values Formation Officers". It wasn't that long, our requests were approved and we're so thankful to the governor's office' favored action rendered.

The Joint Orientation Seminar Proper

On the day of the seminar, July 15, 2011, many came and were excited, new faces known and also new friends gained. Almost all of the towns of Laguna were represented by its designated chaplains/VFO and deputies from Mabitac, Siniloan, Sta. Maria, Famy, Pangil, Pakil, Kalayaan, Paete, Lumban, Pagsanjan, Cavinti, Magdalena, Majayjay, Nagcarlan, Rizal, San Pablo, Pila, Calauan, Bay, Los Banos, Calamba, Cabuyao, Sta. Rosa, Binan and San Pedro. There were 52 delegates all in all who were present.

Rev. Rovell Soleza came and greeted us too, a bit disturbed showing everyone his letter of request for the venue was turned down by the provincial appointed chairman for Moral Recovery Program which supposedly be the one who would facilitate and show support for the event instead wrote in the letter with "Regret... duplication of assignments... Cancelled" with his signature on it. Rev. Soleza called up the office of the provincial administrator to report the issue and thanks God they confirmed that the venue is already reserved for the Joint One-Day Orientation Seminar. Maybe it was just a lack of communication that had happened.

The program started at 9:oo a.m. with opening prayer and singing the national anthem. We missed to see and hear the Laguna Province DILG Director as well as the PNP Provincial Director and the Provincial Governor or their representatives to address their welcome remarks.

Meriendas were served at 10am and everyone received a pack lunch at noon. Everything were catered and sponsored by the office of the Provincial Governor E.R. Ejercito including the fully air-conditioned hall for the venue. Everyone enjoyed the meal and was delighted.

Main Highlight of the Event
The first speaker Chaplain Cesar M. Ramirez, the NACPHIL President delivered his message emphasizing "good governance" and that NACPHIL will be a great arm for Laguna to be a tool in the realization of its same slogan just like what had happened to different towns in Mindanao, Palawan and Visayas who are experiencing moral transformation and deep sense of righteousness. To train chaplains, the bearers of God's righteousness, impart that to the society especially the leaders beginning in Barangay level to the higher level in all government agencies and private sectors, is the main objective of NACPHIL. Righteousness starts a genuine fear of the Lord which King David said in his Psalms, the beginning of knowledge.

After escaping a heavy traffic in Calamba, Bishop Capt. Arturo A. San Juan finally arrived and shared us his burden for the country. He opened the crowd’s awareness about the terrible problem of the society and the nation which is already dying of corruption. The deals made by government officials that even justice can be bought in the country. The downfall of the morale and darkness overshadowed all the places. He showed us statistics of the worst problems the society is engaged of that made him almost to cry while speaking, his heart breaks and really only the Lord can heal the land. He saw it while serving in the government. "If only God's people shall unite and fight the evils of the society and to humble first themselves to God, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, then this nation shall recover, then this nation shall live again..." So challenging, and I'm glad and blessed I came for this event. I believed it's not only me but everyone who were present that day. We should be vessels for God's righteousness and let's magnify and lift only the name of Jesus on high. Let him be a real Lord of our lives and our country.

Ablazing Heart for Righteousness
A fire of commitment to fulfill this mandate were ignited, this burden of which every Chaplain/VFO and representatives received will be fused to their constituents in every town where they came and it's expected a fast growth of NACPHIL Chaplains will take place and be deployed soon in all of the Barangays in the Province of Laguna. In this way we can truly say, "Laguna is for JESUS". To God be all the glory!

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